About The Author

How Andrea’s first book Dear Life, Here I Am. Sincerely, Andrea Lynn Samuels was born:

Secretly writing poetry since 1982, Andrea expresses, joy, fire, love, hurt and pain, indifference, retrospect and reverence on paper, and then, weaves art from her late father, cancer warrior and artist Calvin H. Samuels, along with snapshots from her life into the book, vividly capturing some of the many emotions we feel, and experiences that we have…

“Be inspired by the color and emotion on the pages of the book to encourage you to continue to feel and have hope, following your passion and dreams, no matter if you are suffering from an illness bigger than you, physical limitations or if you are healthy. Cancer that started in his colon and metastasized to his lungs and brain, claimed my father’s life along with some other loved ones, and so many countless others. However, all of us must continue to press through, and pray, and live, and exercise and feed our minds and bodies good nourishment, and rest, and fight, and laugh, and love and dream…”